The Romans are invading!

To start our Roman topic, Class Four did a drama activity linked to the Roman invasion. Below are some pictures of us practising. We are looking forward to performing them to the class!

DSCN2367 DSCN2368

We also wrote about the Romans invading and had freedom to choose a our own style of writing (e.g. story, diary entry or poem). Below is Catherine’s great poem.


The city of Bath is twinned with Alkmaar in the Netherlands and they have sent us lots of bulbs! On Friday 2nd December, Class Four had the opportunity to plant some of the bulbs in the school grounds. Tania told us about the importance of bulbs during WW2 and how Dutch people would eat them as there was no other food!

Some children wrote about the tulips during our outdoor session:

DSC05854  DSC_0068  DSC05856


On 2nd December, Class 4 and 5 were lucky enough to be taught some sign language.

Amelie: Kit’s mum and her friend Sara came to teach Class Four and Five some sign language. The signing was really fun! Sara is deaf and did some fun signing games with us – one of the games I won! We also learnt lots of signs about Christmas.

Kit: It was actually quite a shock that some people could remember some of the sign language from last year, even though they haven’t been using it regularly!

a Christmas a DSC_0050 a DSC_0060  a The children saying thank you